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The Cyberstrike

I'm a college student, and a game that some of us like to play is a game called HvZ. Since I also enjoy doing electronics projects, I decided that I'd mod a nerf rapidstrike into something with a little more punch. as I began taking apart the gun, I noticed something unusual.

The buttons were useless. They fell apart as soon as I exerted any force on them at all.
So I decided to gut it and use power electronics for all the switching!
The gutted rapidstrike. Notice the high voltage transformer in the top-left. Another post for another time. THE POWER ELECTRONICS
I decided that I'd use the IRFP260N hexfet by Linear because I had a bunch of spares floating around my parts bin. In order to save space, I found a neat dual channel low-side fet driver chip called the ICL7667 by Intersil. After adding some diodes and capacitors to cut down on the transients, I soldered the circuit up. 

Not my best soldering job (the perf boards I was using were probably the cheapest boards I've ev…