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The Wearable Computer--A Synopsis

Having been obsessed with computers since middle school, I've always dreamed of the day I could bolt one to my face. In high school, I built what would become the prototype of all the wearable computing shenanigans I would build in college.
Iteration 0 You might remember those wild planet remote-controlled toy cars that had video cameras and glasses that could display the video transmission. Thanks to hackaday, I found an article on how to hack them and turn them into NTSC video HMDs. It generated video with an arduino, and used an LM386 chip to obtain and graph the ambient electrical field intensity oscilloscope-style. Everything was mounted around my neck in a pelican case that I mutilated for the purpose. Disregard the milk, I was in ihop. CPU: 16Mhz arduino nanobattery: 2-cell 800 mAh LiPodisplay: 300x240 monochrome monoclecomfortable wear period: 4 hoursmobility: joggingperipherals: LM386 EMF detector Iteration 1 Interestingly enough, a good portion of my inventions come from…