Inductive Energy Transfer pt.1

For the next version of my crystal necklace, I wanted the ability to transfer energy to the device wirelessly, so that I could pot it in silicone and make it waterproof. In order to do that, I threw together a quick experiment using my function generator and an oscilloscope. 


I quickly printed out two spools with a diameter of 20 mm and wrapped 50 turns of 26 gauge magnet wire around each.

I then threw together a mosfet switch on a breadboard, and connected it to my function generator. I tried different frequencies with the device, and found that it transmitted best at around 2.18 Mhz.

Note: This was the voltage measured across the red LED

I didn't bother measuring the power transmitted because it was so small, but I did manage to get a red led to glow slightly. I think I'm going to need to research this area more before I build the next iteration, and figure out how to push more power through.


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