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Transformers and the ZVS driver

Incentive I've been looking for cheap, efficient ways to generate high voltage ever since I got interested in electronics. Ever since then, I've been looking for an easy, reproducible way to obtain various voltages and power levels for a number of different high voltage projects. I've found a number of methods, but never one that I could easily duplicate or apply to other situations to my satisfaction. Recently, I found out about the Mazili ZVS driver. It allows you to switch a center-tapped transformer at its resonation frequency, and can achieve impressive output powers and efficiencies. They are also available cheaply on ebay. I decided to pull the trigger and see what the fuss was about. After winding a couple of turns on a TV flyback and connecting everything up, I was greeted with a terrifying red-orange arc on the output wire similar to the device here
Experiments For my first experiment, I obtained some ferrite rods from ebay and 3D printed some spools to fit ar…