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UMPC Adventures: the Mix Yoga

A common theme in my life is unnecessarily small computers. Naturally when I heard that you could buy a metal-body UMPC for $450 I was intrigued. Thus began my journey with the Mix Yoga.
The Good
The Mix Yoga is a gorgeous little UMPC, and everything on it feels solid and well-built. It somehow has a heft to it that says "quality" while at the same time being just light enough to hold in your hand for extended periods. The keys are slightly cramped, but backlit and very satisfying to use. The screen is well-lit and very high resolution, having about 2000 pixels along the long axis. It is touch-enabled and supports an active stylus.
The Bad It's pretty buggy sometimes, and really not the fastest. Many people reviewing this computer will say that it's useless for anything more than one task at a time, but I didn't have that experience. I actually brought this to a hackathon and used it as my main computer when I forgot the charger for my main laptop, and it held u…